Workshop: 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy - 365 Days a year - by 2030: Discussing Google’s commitment and options from an energy system perspective

Join us as we discuss Google's commitment to work 24/7 on carbon-free energy and hear perspectives from across the energy system on bringing these ambitious plans together with the realities of energy system planning.

In 2020, Google announced that by 2030, they intend to run their global business fully on carbon-free energy - for all hours of the day, year-round. This important step adds a new layer of complexity and we need to understand how it can be managed. In our online workshop we will hear from Google's Carbon-Free Energy lead how they are approaching their self-imposed challenge and we will bring these ambitious plans together with the realities of energy system planners/modellers to reflect on:

  • the role of grids, flexibility options and technologies to enable and deliver 24/7,
  • how the system should evolve to deliver 24/7 and the contribution from Google and other users,
  • and the role energy system modelling can play in charting the path to energy system decarbonisation.



Welcome and introduction by RGI


'Carbon-Free Energy Everywhere by 2030'

Maud Texier | Carbon-Free Energy Lead, Google on:

  • 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy overview
  • How is Google approaching its 2030 target
  • 24/7 matching and outstanding methodological questions
  • The role of grids, flexibility options, technology and energy system modelling in achieving 24/7


Expert recommendations on flexibility and modelling requirements

‘Flexibility requirements to support 24/7 – What exists already and what do we still need?’

  • John Lowry | EU-SysFlex Project Manager, EirGrid

‘Modelling requirements to support 24/7 – What exists already and what do we still need?’

  • Gerald Kaendler | Vice-Chair of System Development Committee, ENTSO-E


Reflections from different angles of the system perspective

‘How to get the system ready for a 24/7 carbon-free energy approach’

  • Jan Felinks | Convenor of the Sector Coupling Task Force, ENTSO-E 

‘Role of local actors in the deployment of infrastructure need to support a 24/7 vision’ 

  • Eva Schmid | Team Leader - German and European low carbon policy, Germanwatch

‘How can grid operators, Google and other stakeholders prepare together to implement a vision 24/7’

  • Luca Marchisio | Head of System Strategy, Terna


Expert panel: Where do we go from here – together?

The panel will bring all invited experts together and allow time for audience Q&A.


Reflections from a policy perspective

‘What are policy opportunities and hurdles in pursuing a 24/7 vision? How do we seize/tackle them?’

  • Guido Bortoni | Senior Adviser – Regulatory, Green Transition & Energy System Integration, DG Energy – European Commission


Wrap up by RGI and next steps


End of event

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