Webinar: Nature inclusive design of offshore infrastructure - How can we design offshore systems to safeguard healthy marine ecosystems?

Our webinar, “Nature inclusive design of offshore infrastructure” on 27 November includes presentations by and discussions with two practitioners closely involved in the search for solutions to ensure that healthy marine ecosystems are safeguarded in all offshore infrastructure development.

Achieving the target set out in the Paris Agreement of limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5°C will require a significant and fast increase in renewable energy capacity, including offshore energy sources. A substantial amount of new infrastructure will be necessary, risking fragile marine ecosystems.

To create a future energy system that supports decarbonisation while safeguarding the environment, we must find new and innovative solutions to design infrastructure which reduces the risks to the environment and actively creates opportunities to support ecosystems.

The Dutch offshore project “The Rich North Sea” (De Rijke Noordzee) has been carrying out pioneering work, exploring different ways in which offshore infrastructure could be built or enhanced to provide ecosystem services.

The presenters are:

Annemiek Hermans, Biological Oceanographer and Marine Environmental Project Manager, TenneT

Eline van Onselen, Marine Ecologist, De Rijke Noordzee


For more information or in case of questions, please get in touch with johanna@renewables-grid.eu.

Webinar video

Webinar presentations


Dení Aguilar Bellamy
Coordinator - Offshore Energy and Nature

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