Webinar: Circular Wind – Securing the energy transition through circularity

Join our upcoming Best Practice Webinar with Renewable Parts on 19 June to learn more about challenges and solutions for a more circular supply chain within the wind industry.

Reaching the Paris Agreement’s goals of limiting the world temperature to 1.5°C and achieving net zero emissions by 2050 will require a deep transformation of our energy systems. In the European Union alone, to reach the goal of at least 42,5% share of renewables in the overall energy consumption by 20302, over 30GW of wind energy capacity should be added annually3. Ambitious estimations foresee that wind energy can provide between 54-58% of electricity production by 20504.

However, adding this capacity has already been challenging considering supply chain disruptions, increased costs and competition with non-EU markets. Higher costs led to cancellation of auctioned projects, such as Vattenfall’s Norfork Boreas 1.4-GW offshore wind project in the UK due to risen costs to 40%5.

At the same time, the deployment of clean technologies to meet energy and climate goals has put additional pressure on resources, especially critical raw materials, for which demand is expected to increase by 3,5 times globally until 20306. These requirements create serious challenges for reaching a just energy transition.

Moving from a linear to a circular approach to resource use can help to overcome these challenges. Implementing measures of reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing wind energy infrastructure can:

  • Reduce environmental pressure
  • Decrease external dependencies
  • Increase the security of supply
  • Provide societal benefits
  • Boost competitiveness and innovation.

About the webinar

To learn from the experience of the wind industry in this topic, we invited experts in the topic, including:

  • Carol Sheath, Engineering Programme Manager from Renewable Parts Ltd.  will present the sector's best practices in implementing circularity approaches throughout the wind chain, including solutions for refurbishment of wind infrastructure components. Her presentation will provide an overview of Renewable Part's work as one of the front runners of the field, while also diving into the applied techniques to restore parts and put them back into the market.
  • Alexander Hayward, Change Lead and Circular SME at SSE Renewables, will complement Renewable Parts' presentation with the industry's perspective and tackling the challenges to incorporate circularity into the wind chain.

Register now to join us on 19 June and learn more about #CircularWind



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