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Webinar: Best Practices in grid development: WiseGRID's approach to smarter European energy grid

The Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) has been invested in collecting and promoting various approaches that target a more socially and environmentally friendly grid development via its ‘Good Practice of the Year’ award for many years now. In early 2017 we launched our Good Practice webinar series - a knowledge sharing tool providing an opportunity for previous award applicants to share their expertise and engage in an open dialogue. WiseGRID joined us for our second webinar on 29 November.

As the European energy system is changing rapidly, a new approach to a smart, secure, stable and affordable electricity grid is required. The WiseGRID project is currently working hard on developing new smart grid tools and business models.

During the webinar, WiseGRID presented their three main approaches: better storage technology, an increased share of renewable energy sources and the integration of charging infrastructure to favour the large-scale deployment of electric vehicles. 

RGI hosted the webinar together with ENTSO-E. We hope it will inspire you to adopt these or similar approaches in your area.

Watch the webinar below.





10:10 - 10:40

Best Practice: "WiseGRID project“ | Wide scale demonstration of integrated solutions and business models for the European smart grid


Q&A: opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the first practice presented


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This event is kindly hosted by ENTSO-E


Urszula Papajak
Junior Project Manager

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