Video online for the webinar: "The Advantages of Electrification for Decarbonisation"

What advantages will high shares of renewables-based electrification bring for society, the climate and the economy? Saul Griffith, founder and chief scientist at Otherlab shares his thought-provoking ideas on modelling, efficiency, old narratives and the grid.

Otherlab - a US-based research and development firm - focusses on renewable and clean energy, robotics, automation, digital fabrication, adaptive textiles, advanced manufacturing, computational design tools and more. In 2017, they were charged with modelling an ultra-high resolution picture of the US energy economy. The results showed that "electrifying the US economy from carbon-free sources will reduce the amount of energy needed by more than half." (read more).

Some of the thought-provoking ideas Saul shares during the webinar are:

  • High-resolution energy data across all sectors can provide new insight into decarbonisation.
  • Efficiency is a false god leftover from the 1970's narratives where the giant efficiency gain is in fact electrification.
  • Electrification lowers the primary energy by more than half.
  • A focus on electrification can bring positive conversations about transformation to stagnant climate debates.
  • There is more storage than we believe in building systems and industry and we should have lower fears of renewable dispatch ability.
  • We need to redesign grids to absorb all of these new assets, both generation, and storage.
  • One can't consider the generation side of electrification without also considering the demand side - a conversation too rarely had.




16:30 Welcome by RGI Deputy CEO Antina Sander

16:40 Presentation: 'Modelling renewables-based electrification'
Saul Griffith, Founder & Chief Scientist, Otherlab

17:30 Q&A: opportunity to ask questions and find out more

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