The Need for Grids

With the adoption of its 20-20-20 targets and the objective of a largely decarbonised power sector by 2050, the European Union has set the stage for a significant increase in the use of renewable energies. A modernisation of the energy grid is a key requirement in this context and acknowledged not only by TSOs and many major NGOs but also by some citizens that are directly affected by grid expansion projects.

This does however not prevent widespread doubts with respect to the necessity of specific grid line projects. Often, NGOs and affected populations are unified in asking for proofs that confirm the need of individual grid expansion projects. Why, where and when are new lines needed, who benefits from them and who is losing? How can long-term energy roadmaps and network development be designed in such a way that they become an unequivocal building block towards a decarbonised European energy sector? And how can affected populations be convinced about the necessity of concrete projects as part of the bigger picture of a decarbonised European energy sector? These are fundamental questions that need to be understood by all actors in order to truly support a common development of the future grid system. 

The Renewables Grid Initiative has discussed these issues at the RGI Workshop on The Need for Grids. The workshop was hosted by TenneT TSO. 


What future for the European power grid?
Prof. Dr. Carlo Jaeger | Global Climate Forum | Presentation

Why we need grids NOW – a technical perspective
Carsten Siebels | TenneT | Presentation

Challenges in exchanging data between TSOs - Coreso`s experience
Francois Boulet | Coreso | Presentation

Overview on the current roadmaps and developing a european scenario
Dr. Enrique Gaxiola | IRENE-40/Siemens | Presentation

Germany’s new approach to consultative need determination and net development planning - TSO perspective   
Marius Strecker | TenneT | Presentation

Germany’s new approach to consultative need determination and net development planning - NGO perspective
Dr. Peter Ahmels | Deutsche Umwelthilfe | Presentation

EU grid planning – challenges and solutions                                  
Daniel Fürstenwerth | RGI | Presentation

Stakeholders involvement in ENTSO-E`s TYNDP 2012
Michael Mieszczanski | ENTSO-E | Presentation

The CECRE: Making renewable energy technologies compatible with the security of the system
D.Jorge Hidalgo Lopez | Red Electrica Espana | Presentation

Explaining the need for grids to an affected population
Mark Hoff | ERM | Presentation

How to deal with the need question? Examples throughout Europe  
Theresa Schneider | RGI | Presentation

Reasoning and experiences for the 50Hertz online application on load flow data
Annika Kießler | 50Hertz | Presentation


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