The importance of big data for the Energiewende

Jeremy Rifkin is a world-renowned economist and political activist. In his best-selling book “The Third Industrial Revolution” he describes his vision on how to address the triple challenge of the global economic crisis, energy security, and climate change. Jeremy Rifkin has decades of experience in advising both business and political leaders on how to implement his vision of a sustainable future.

In his keynote, Jeremy Rifkin gave his perspective on the digitalisation of the Energiewende: What role do new technologies, greater integration and big data play in the further development of the energy transition? Afterwards, his views were discussed together with Bente Hagem, the Chairperson-elect of the board of ENTSO-E and Executive Vice President of the Norwegian transmission grid operator Statnett.


Jeremy Rifkin, Founder and President
Foundation on Economic Trends

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Bente Hagem, Chairperson of the Board

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Theresa Schneider
Senior Manager–Communication

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