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Implementing the PAC scenario: Modellers' Exchange Workshop - ‘‘Accelerating full decarbonisation: Resource optimisation in energy infrastructure planning’’

On 2nd February 2022, RGI will host a modellers’ exchange workshop contributing to a better understanding of the effects related to the implementation of the PAC scenario.

The expert workshop, entitled “Accelerating full decarbonisation: Resource optimisation in energy infrastructure planning”, will be co-organised by Hitachi Energy.

The workshop is expected to build on the PAC scenario, developed by consortium partners CAN Europe and EEB, during the first phase of the PAC project. The scenario’s quantitative – political – objectives, showing necessary steps to reach full decarbonisation across Europe with renewable energy sources by latest 2040, offer an excellent starting point and base for further analysis.

RGI has started a collaboration with Hitachi Energy to model infrastructure needs to reach the objectives set by the PAC scenario. Accelerating knowledge and a common understanding of practical challenges, is key for a full, citizen- and nature-oriented decarbonisation. On that front, the workshop is targeting selected energy system modellers, strategists, and planning experts, to discuss assumptions used, collect input and feedback on how to improve the study and decide on next steps. The main purpose of the workshop on February 2nd is to present and discuss the main findings of the modelling work done so far.

The workshop is organised around four main building blocks:

1) Energy system expansion modelling: methods, assumptions and tools;
2) Evolution of energy demand and renewable generation profiles in Europe;
3) Projections of future energy technology and innovation trends;
4) Environmental, resource availability, supply chain, financial and other constraints

Participation in the workshop is on invitation only. In case of questions, please get in touch with Andrzej Ceglarz.


Andrzej Ceglarz
Senior Manager Socio-Energy Systems

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