Europe in Transition: How can we accelerate the shift to an integrated, renewables-based energy system?

Ambitions and factors to be considered by the German and Portuguese EU presidencies

This event focussed on initiatives to maximise RES pentration in the European energy system as we move towards decarbonisation. For example,  we discussed 50Hertz’s commitment to covering 100 percent of electricity demand with renewables by 2032 and the work of primary European TSOs. The workshop further discussed other solutions being developed in all sectors at European level to enable an energy system based on variable RES and sought to identify energy policy priorities for the German and Portuguese EU presidencies.

Around 160 participants joined the event, which featured key note sessions from Thorsten Herdan - Director General, Energy Policy, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi); Stefan Kapferer, CEO of 50Hertz; and Catharina Sikow-Magny, Director, Internal Energy Market, European Commission. Further speakers represented TSOs, civil society, regulators and youth activists.

The workshop also hosted the second signing ceremony of RGI's 'Request to Adapt European Energy Planning Scenarios', whereupon 11 new organisations joined our cross-sectoral call for the TYNDP 2022 to include energy scenarios compatible with the Paris Agreement.

All workshop materials, including key messages, agenda, recordings, and presentations can be found below. In case of additional questions, get in touch with Stephanie Bätjer (

Summary of key messages



Event videos

Full recording of the morning session

Request to Adapt European Energy Planning Scenarios video from the June signing ceremony at the PAC Launch

Full recording of the afternoon session

Request to Adapt European Energy Planning Scenarios video from the October signing ceremony at Europe in Transition

Breakout rooms videos

How do we create a European electrification roadmap? What roles do system integration, decentralisation and energy efficiency play in such as roadmap?

How do we enable renewable development in Europe through integrated strategic spatial planning in combination with ecosystem protection?

What are key flexibility needs of the future renewables energy system? Who can deliver them? Which regulatory and investment frameworks are needed?

Who are the future users of green gases? What do the pathways to channel gases where they are most needed look like?

Offshore wind: How can we plan offshore expansion and ecosystem protection all the way to 2050?

How do we better embed circular economy principles into the energy system?

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