Connecting energy, protecting nature

Developing Europe’s electricity transmission network is essential to maintain secure and affordable energy supplies, and for the transition to a sustainable energy system. To help achieve its energy and climate policy objectives, the EU selects certain electricity, gas and oil infrastructure “projects of common interest” (PCIs) and promotes them as the highest priority investments for the EU.

The Renewables Grid Initiative, BirdLife Europe and the EEB broadly support the PCI approach. However, they urge EU institutions to use the framework to enable an ecologically sustainable energy transition. With the report “Connecting energy, protecting nature”, BirdLife Europe and EEB present their ideas on how to protect nature when planning and investing to become a low carbon society.


09:00 Introduction | Antonella Battaglini (RGI)

09:30 EU launch of report  "Connecting energy, protecting nature" | Author Ivan Scrase (RSPB) | Presentation

10:15 Fishbowl discussion: 

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Theresa Schneider
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