Best Practice Webinar: Elering’s e-Gridmap - How can digitalisation optimise investment planning of new RES generation & grid integration?

Our webinar with Estonian TSO, Elering, took a dive into the digital tool which greatly simplifies processes for investments in renewable energy. In the webinar, we heard from a colleague from Elering and held an open Q&A session.

Making the best possible investment plan that coherently combines renewables generation and related grid needs is one the big challenges of today’s energy system.

Estonian TSO Elering has developed a tool that tackles this problem: the e-Gridmap.

The e-Gridmap immediately calculates the costs of connecting a new renewable production facility to the Estonian transmission grid based on the project's location and capacity, thus simplifying investments in renewable energy and reducing the traditional analysis process from three months to a few seconds. With local adjustments, the practice is easily transferable to other contexts.

Elering’s Head of Energy System Planning Unit, Oleg Tšernobrovkin presented the idea behind the tool, it’s roll-out and first learnings from the implementation during a webinar on 17 December, from 11:00-12:00 CET.

A Q&A session followed, where participants from a group of around 50 got to ask their questions on the topic.

Get in touch with stephanie@renewables-grid.eu in case of questions. 

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Stephanie Bätjer
Director - Communication

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