Best Practice Webinar: Building a shared understanding of the energy transition between industry and civil society

This webinar intends to showcase successful consultation processes between the TSO RTE and the NGO France Nature Environment (FNE) in France –...

Webinar: Clarifying key environmental concepts for an ecologically-sound deployment of offshore wind in Europe

This webinar is based on the conclusions of the discussion paper on 'Essential Environmental Concepts for the Offshore Wind Energy Sector in Europe'...

Webinar: ‘Overriding Public Interest’ to speed up permitting procedures for RES and grids?

A legal perspective on the application of ‘Imperative Reasons of Overriding Public Interest’ (IROPI) – and related risks

Workshop: 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy - 365 Days a year - by 2030: Discussing Google’s commitment and options from an energy system perspective

Join us as we discuss Google's commitment to work 24/7 on carbon-free energy and hear perspectives from across the energy system on bringing these...

Launch of the Coalition for Offshore Energy and Nature

RGI is delighted to launch the “Coalition for aligning the development of offshore wind energy with nature protection and healthy marine ecosystems".

Europe in Transition: How can we accelerate the shift to an integrated, renewables-based energy system?

Ambitions and factors to be considered by the German and Portuguese EU presidencies

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