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Example Organisation Country Year
Personalised feedback TenneT The Netherlands 2012
Planning Performance Agreements National Grid UK 2010
Preventing Electrocution of Endangered Birds Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, Birdlife Sudan, Bulgaria 2015
Project accompanying plan (PAP) RTE France 2013
Promotion of biogas systems Namalere Forest Conservation Group Kenya 2016
Public information during spatial planning Statnett Norway 2013
Public involvement during grid development plan TenneT, 50Hertz Germany 2011
Publication of load flow data 50Hertz Germany 2012
Pulse Heating ESCSH Denmark 2014
PV energy data service SMA Solar Technology & TenneT Germany 2016
Radar monitoring on the Strait of Messina Terna Italy 2017
Rationalisation of urban areas Terna Italy 2013
Reaching out to the public for a consultation on the second round of options appraisal National Grid UK 2010
Real-time technology for the effective integration of distributed energy resources Alpiq Switzerland 2016
Regional Committees in the Cotentin-Maine project RTE France 2011
Regional stakeholder mapping RTE France 2013
Regular stakeholder meetings on a national level to discuss the SEA Terna Italy 2003
Regulation on Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) methodology for the Italian transmission network development plan Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy and Water (AEEGSI) Italy 2017
Responding to the input given by the public National Grid UK 2011
Restoration of wildlife corridors under overhead lines Elia, RTE Belgium, France 2011
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