Communications handbook for project managers






Statnett has developed a handbook for project managers who normally lack a background in communication but are nevertheless responsible for the communication of a project.

The handbook outlines a communication strategy in support. It contains Statnett’s core messages that it seeks to convey (e.g. “Statnett seeks sound climate solutions and paves the way for new renewable energy”), gives an overview of the effects of communication, categorises possible target groups and different channels, and explains how to identify communication opportunities and risks.

Core information of the handbook is a list of possible communication measures at every step of the process, such as preparing press releases, drafting letters to local authorities, local press briefings, and media monitoring. Project managers can thus use the handbook as a reference for every project phase. With the help of concrete examples, different communication measures are moreover explained in greater detail. The handbook is based on established procedures, experiences from project managers, and best practices.


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