TenneT early cooperation with regional politics in Schleswig-Holstein






Following a scientific study to confirm the need for grid development, TenneT and the government of the federal state Schleswig-Holstein, took a new approach for the planning procedure in Schleswig-Holstein.


Main information:

In September 2010, the net development initiative was established. It aimed at accelerating the grid extension to be able to facilitate the wind energy generated by 2015. The government initiated a consortium which consisted of the TSOs TenneT and 50Hertz, DSOs, national and regional associations of renewables and wind generators, regions and municipalities, and the regional Ministries for Economics, Environment and Interior.

In January 2011, different corridor options developed by TenneT were presented for the first time to the wider public via a press release. Two months later, the plan was discussed with the parliament together with the Minister of Economics. The parties agreed on a “net development acceleration agreement”, in which common aims, rights and duties were agreed upon.

One major part of the document is the agreement on advanced public participation and the determination of a pilot region on the western coast of Schleswig-Holstein in which new formats of public involvement shall be tested.

In general, TenneT reported good experiences with a regular exchange on a political level. Throughout the process, TenneT met members of the regional parliament regularly in one-on-one meetings or at public events. They briefed them on the project, which fostered support and goodwill from the politicians.