An environmental NGO as moderator: the role of the German Environmental Aid (DUH)




Deutsche Umwelthilfe


The German Environmental Aid (DUH) plays an unusual role in the discussion about grid expansion in Germany. In 2008, the DUH founded the “Forum Netzintegration Erneuerbare Energien” (Forum for the Integration of Renewable Energies), a discussion platform for different stakeholder groups which are affected directly or indirectly by power lines. This was the first German initiative that has brought together TSOs, environmental NGOs, industry associations, citizen action groups, and scientific institutions to jointly discuss grid related matters. One of the key outputs was a position paper, signed by the majority of the participating stakeholders.

The DUH has adopted the role of explaining to the public the connection between climate change and the need to extend the existing grid. To reach out to a wider audience than those groups that could directly participate in meetings, the DUH publishes a series of information material. These explain different topics, such as the need for grids, German planning procedures, and underground cables.