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Ubiquitous Energy


Ubiquitous Energy (UE) produces transparent solar windows that integrate renewable energy sources into the facade of homes and buildings in a seamless and aesthetically pleasing way. Their trademark UE Power harvests energy from infrared and ultraviolet light, while visible light passes through, thus making it possible to generate electricity invisibly.


  • Achieved the first large area deployment of transparent solar windows in the world.
  • Demonstrates that transparent windows can be multi-functional: produce renewable energy and show a good thermal performance at the same time.
  • Represents an innovative approach to generating renewable energy that can power LED lighting.


In times, when it becomes harder and harder to find available space for the renewable energy infrastructure the global energy transition needs, UE’s transparent solar windows represent an innovative solution: integrating the production of renewables into the windows of homes and other buildings. The transparent solar coating on the windows is made from light-absorbing dyes, sourced from non-toxic, earth-abundant materials, similar to the pigments found in fabrics and paints. This allows for the integration of power generation into windows and the surfaces of other everyday objects without compromising their aesthetic or functionality. An exterior façade of approximately 100 square feet of transparent solar windows is capable of producing more than 300Watts of power under typical sunlight exposure.

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