TRINITY is a project that enhances cooperation and coordination among the Transmission System Operators of South-Eastern Europe (SEE) in order to support the integration of the electricity markets in the region, whilst promoting higher penetration of clean energy.


  • TRINITY has defined 3 pilot scenarios in 8 SEE countries to maximise the benefits brought by the cross-border collaboration and to address the market integration, TSO coordination and RES promotion.
  • The project solutions are being designed to be repeatable for long-term use and transferable to other regions.
  • Calculations show that the project will increase 14.95 TWh of RES production, reduce 10.58 MTCO₂eq and allow a price decrease of 7€ per MWh consumed during the first five years after the project end.

About the practice:
Electricity consumption in SEE is up to twice as high as in other parts of EU, causing a higher burden on SEE households with high electricity costs. The project aims to enhance cross border trading and balancing energy exchange while ensuring electricity market integration and increasing the share of RES in SEE. In this context, it also investigates the improvement of system operation security and reinforces coordination, interaction and communication among the key energy actors of the region.

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