The electricityMap app is a public real-time visualisation that shows where electricity is coming from and how much greenhouse gases were emitted to produce it across the world on an hourly basis. The map colours regions and countries based on the carbon intensity of their electricity production and consumption,
and displays the breakdown according to different modes, making a distinction between low carbon and renewable sources.


  • Open-source data source for electricity emissions to encourage larger integration of RES into the grid – thanks to generalisation of load shifting strategies
  • Intuitive interface allows a wide audience to understand the concepts of the visualisation and makes information actionable
  • Unique in provision of data consolidation and forecasting services at global scale, for macro signals, such as the carbon intensity

About the Practice:
ElectricityMap believes the information precedes action and by empowering citizens and organisations with real-time insights that are grounded in reality, better and more informed decisions will be made. A precise understanding of hourly production and consumption mixes across the world is paramount to taking initiatives, such as installation of new renewable capacity, or load shifting, that will allow for a 24/7 fossil-free electricity system. Additionally, providing real-time, hourly data is granular enough for citizens and organisations to adopt a data-driven decision framework for reducing their own consumption. In fact, the information provided has already led many to actively engage in reducing their own footprint.

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