DA/RE: The network security initiative




TransnetBW, Netze BW


DA/RE is an IT-platform that facilitates coordination between TSOs, DSOs, generating units and storage units focused on facilitating participation in the mandatory, state scheme ‘Redispatch 2.0’ for decentralised congestion management. It is led by TSO, TransnetBW and DSO, Netze BW of the German federal state of Baden Württemberg.


• Cloud platform and optimisation across voltage levels allocates flexibility and reduces whole system costs
• The modular concept allows a future expansion of the platform to include direct connection of units that do not meet current regulatory requirements to include smaller providers below the 100 kW threshold

Main information:

The ‘Redispatch 2.0’ scheme was introduced by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) to enable grid operators to take action to avoid grid bottlenecks, and indeed to oblige them to act when required. The DA/RE platform was developed by TSO TransnetBW and DSO Netze BW, in order to facilitate grid operators across the voltage levels to coordinate their redispatch activity regardless of location or control zones. The platform development including pilot and test phases, involving web seminars, information events for relevant stakeholders.

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