Ecological line maintenance in a nature reserve






Three power lines run through the Ehinger Ried nature reserve in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. As with all power lines, for their maintenance, it is necessary to take steps to intervene and manage the vegetation. Through broad collaboration between local NGOs and grid operators, an ecologically-sound approach to managing the vegetation has ensured that the area remains a haven for nature.

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Local branches of German NGOs, NABU and BUND work together with grid operators, volunteers, service providers and authorities within a 'Dialogue Forum on Renewable Energy and Nature Conservation' to promote and manage a nature-friendly maintenance around the power lines. Through such ecological corridor management, not only can these interventions be kept to a minimum, but it becomes possible to reconnect fragmented habitats and support biodiversity. Thus, nature-friendly maintenance of power lines contributes to a strengthening of the valuable and fragile biotope network in the region. 

The Dialogue Forum on Renewable Energies and Nature Conservation is a joint project of NABU and BUND Baden-Württemberg and is funded by the Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Baden-Württemberg. It has been running since 2012, providing advice and training for those interested in nature conservation, and moderates conflicts which sometimes arise between those informed in order to find the best solutions based on a constructive dialogue. Aside from this project, they organise events and have released a series of publications for the public on the topic of grid development, wind energy and PV.

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