Joint initiative for stone reef reconstruction in the German Baltic Sea




50Hertz, WWF Germany


50Hertz and WWF Germany are collaborating on the planning and implementation of stone reef reconstruction in the Baltic Sea. Including various stakeholders, 50Hertz and WWF Germany used the principle of participatory dialogue to integrate multiple perspectives and knowledge when creating conditions for pilot projects.


  • Compiled a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of historic stone fishery in the Baltic Sea
  • Joint participatory roadmap accelerates the implementation of stone reef reconstruction

Main information:

50Hertz aims to minimise the social and ecological impact of new transmission lines. To offset the impact with “natural compensation”, 50Hertz is partnering with WWF Germany to implement stone reef reconstruction in the Baltic Sea. Stone reefs benefit coastal protection and provide habitat to animal, fish and algae species. The collaboration combined internal and external expertise and viewpoints for a breadth of knowledge, for example from NGOs, fishermen and authorities through workshops, a technical conference and feedback on drafts of the study.

Additional information:

50Hertz operates the electricity transmission grid in northern and eastern Germany. The project was a collaborative effort with WWF Germany. 

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