Dynamic Line Rating (DLR)






Demonstration of Ampacimon’s suite of products on Elia’s interconnectors, assessing the thermal rating of transmission lines by direct physical measurements and increasing their available capacity.


  • Extracting more value from existing grid infrastructure and enhancing their utilisation
  • Foreseeing congestion issues and addressing them through low cost configuration options - as opposed to construction of new lines
  • Providing short-term visibility required to anticipate operation security issues
  • Day-ahead forecasting deployed in real scale for the first time world-wide (enabling increased energy transfers across borders, including day-ahead transactions) 


Main information:
Power lines and transformers are operated using a specific rating which determines the maximum constant current (allowed load) of a line. Grid operators take into account this thermal limit to determine the available transmission and distribution capacity. To exploit available latent capacities in the line, Ampacimon has developed a suite of products which bring an assessment of the actual thermal rating by direct physical measurements. This has significantly increased imports and exports in Belgium (around 10% of available import/export capacity), and resolved congestions, and reduced redispatching and curtailment costs.