DS3 System Services






A programme offering financial incentives for conventional and renewable generation to provide flexible services in order to meet the challenges of operating the electrical system in a secure manner while achieving Ireland’s 2020 renewable electricity targets.


  • Contracting 107 units to provide eleven system services
  • Improving on existing approaches by including non-conventional technologies
  • Some non-conventional technologies proven to be capable of providing existing services (e.g. wind units for reserve services)


Main information:

As an island with a low level of interconnection, there are considerable challenges in trying to operate the power system with a high level of renewables. However, EirGrid wants to not only have a high level of renewable generation installed on the power system, but also want to be able to use it to its maximum level. DS3 System Services is a central part of EirGrid’s DS3 programme (Delivering a Secure, Sustainable electrical System), which is designed to ensure that EirGrid can securely operate the power system with increasing amounts of variable non-synchronous renewable generation.