Nobel Grid End User Engagement Strategy




Carbon Co-op


A comprehensive end user engagement strategy with a variety of different engagement tools empowering consumers and putting them at the centre of the Nobel Grid project.


  • End user engagement strategy created and implemented to empower and improve capacity of householders instead of offering incentives or payments
  • Innovative engagement formats, such as energy socials, monthly meetups, or a multidisciplinary conference reached 2,000 people; over 10,000 people reached with blogs
  • 200 end users sign up for new equipment installation


Main information:
The project Nobel Grid is used to test out new smart meter equipment and understand interactions with the new technology. It aims to involve the end users actively and holistically. Therefore, a comprehensive engagement strategy has been developed and implemented, including many innovative elements: for example, a cultural festival reached a wide audience through food, music, workshops, debates and discussions; end users tested and played with energy monitoring hardware and software in monthly meetups; a multidisciplinary conference bringing together open source developers, families and community activists. The implementation of the strategy has been successful in recruiting a large number of participants for tests sites and project components (i.e. batteries, smart meter extensions) and in influencing the project to improve its end results.


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