"Grid Perspectives"-Committee






In France, RTE has to develop a 10-year-investment plan every year. In order to fulfill this task properly, RTE has established a “Grid Perspectives-committee" which consists of representatives of RTE customers (producers, distributors, large industrial consumers, traders, etc.), as well as NGO representatives (France Nature Environment, Comité de Liaison Energies Renouvelables, Negawatt, etc.) and public institutions (e.g. Ministry of Energy and Environment).

It deals with the investment plan and related issues, e.g. grid development criteria, or long-term development strategies. Also other participants’ interests, such as the impact of climate change on grid resilience, or the value of lost load are discussed. Meetings take place four to five times a year. In addition, working groups have been set up to deal with specific topics, such as long-term strategies of the grid development.

The discussions in the committee give RTE the opportunity to share views and information on the future of electricity transmission among a variety of stakeholders.