Example Organizations Countries
Dialogue as the beating heart of the process – Project support groups Elia Belgium
Energy transition: Decentral – connected – together Energieavantgarde Anhalt e.V. Germany
COMPILE Laboratory of Energy Policy at the University of Ljubljana Slovenia
SoLAR Allensbach - Intelligent Energy Sector Coupling Easy Smart Grid GmbH, Community of Allensbach – Local Agenda 21, International Solar Research Center ISC Konstanz e.V, European Institute for Energy Research EIfER Germany
Energía4All Fundación Renovables Spain
New Public Engagement Strategy and pivoting to Virtual Engagement in response to COVID-19 EirGrid Ireland
Don't stop! Digital citizens’ participation in grid expansion in the coronavirus era – and after TenneT Germany, The Netherlands
Digital Terna Incontra Terna Italy
Italian wind parks travel guide Legambiente Italy
EMPOWER Smart Innovation Norway A/S Norway

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