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During the Randstad380 project, the Ministry of Economic Affairs in cooperation with TenneT started to hold their information events in the information market format. The events were announced in local newspapers, the project newsletter and on the project website.


Main information:

Normally, seven different stands were positioned throughout a venue, while providing adequate space for small groups to sit down and discuss different topics. The stands covered these topics:

  1. Procedures on need / planning / decision making / EIA / spatial plan
  2. Routing
  3. 3D-visualisation
  4. Landscape
  5. Engineering and building the connection
  6. EMF
  7. Possibility to give comments


At the different stands, experts (e.g. scientists for EMF, employees from permitting authorities for procedures and routing) as well as two employees from TenneT were present to answer questions. Stand-up displays provided supportive information. In order to prepare for the events internally, the Ministry and TenneT developed Q&As for all employees who would be present. In some cases, employee training took place. This ensured consistency in the answers given by the different employees, while also attempting to minimise the possibility of being surprised by questions from citizens. If necessary, employees would be trained professionally by external consultants before the meeting. This was decided on a case-by-case basis and dependent on experience and the wish of the employees.

Moreover, TenneT normally had dinner together with employees of the Ministry of Economic Affairs before the events to discuss the latest updates. Afterwards, the events were evaluated jointly. It was discussed whether new concerns had been heard, how the atmosphere was perceived, and if the number of participants met the expectations, so that the experience could contribute to improvements in the planning of future events.


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