Joint information event from the Ministry of Economics, a citizen action group and 50Hertz






At the “Uckermark”-line, in the course of regular common activities with the Ministry for Economics of the Federal State of Brandenburg, 50Hertz organised an information event together with a citizen action group and the Ministry. Several employees of the permitting authority and representatives of environmental NGOs were present as well.


Main information:
The event was split into three parts: A short introduction by the hosts on the current status of the project, small groups to discuss topics in more detail and a final concluding plenary session.

The four thematic groups dealt with:

  1. Health issues/EMF
  2. The economic impact
  3. The impact on nature
  4. Routing

In the groups, open questions could be submitted. In every group, representatives of the planning authority, 50Hertz and the Ministry of Economics were present to answer the questions. Moreover, external experts, e.g. on EMF or cartography, were invited to provide a more independent perspective on controversial points. Both the event as such and the small groups were moderated by professional, independent moderators.

In addition to the information given during the presentations, a public exhibition was organised dealing with different topics, such as the routing, the planning adaptations that came out of the participation process, and mitigation measures or EMF. In general, the event was perceived very positively. However, it was often criticised that this kind of events took place too late in the process. 


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