Fundación Renovables


Spanish NGO and RGI Member, Fundación Renovables, created the Energía4all project as a tool to provide free, accessible, high-quality information and training around the energy transition which makes participants an active and decisive part in the energy field who can use gained knowledge to actively participate.


• Energy experts provide high-quality, open-source materials in different formats.
• Empowers citizens and makes them aware of current issues, but also solutions to face the climate emergency

About this practice:

Recognising that - due to the complexity and opacity of the energy model many citizens are unaware of how it functions, the role they can play on it and the importance of sustainable energy use, Fundación Renovables created an extensive online education programme. They created four free courses on topics such as climate change, self-consumption and electric vehicles, with hour-long public seminars, engaging games and news-scans. The project aims to support the creation of an active citizenry which feels motivated to engage with the energy transition.

RGI gratefully acknowledges the EU LIFE funding support:

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