Implementation of a Comprehensive Green-Area-Concept






The creation and implementation of a comprehensive green-area-concept as part of a dialogue driven participation and planning process for a new substation between the TSO and citizens.



  • The project led to improved relationships between Amprion, communities and stakeholders
  • A solution was found that was supported by all the parties involved within an eight months’ timeframe between kick-off and the agreement
  • Environmental measures included the maintenance of existing pathways for both human beings and animals, comprehensive noise protection measures during construction, and sight protection measures for the new and old substation


Main information:

The project was developed with the aim of having a joint planning and participation process between Amprion, stakeholders and the local community for the design, implementation and construction of a substation. It was developed in cooperation with a multitude of stakeholders, such as a nature conservation organisation, a citizens' initiative, political, governmental and administrative representatives, and external landscape experts.


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