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MIGRATE is the largest TSO research project on European level including twelve TSOs from eleven different countries with the objective of developing and validating solutions for managing a pan-European High Voltage Alternate Current (HVAC) transmission system with a high penetration of power electronic devices.


  • Modelling, simulation, and generic test cases of transmission system dynamic behaviour under high power electronic penetration
  • New protection schemes for a grid with 100% power electronic penetration and relevant recommendations
  • Design and validation of mitigation measures


Main information:
By 2020, several areas of the HVAC pan-European transmission system will be operated with extremely high penetrations of Power Electronics (PE)-interfaced generators, thus becoming the only generating units for some periods of the day or of the year – due to renewable (wind, solar) electricity. This poses several challenges, which the project addresses together with manufacturers, universities and research centres. These challenges were the focus of the work of the consortium partners of the MIGRATE project. A final conference was held in December 2019. 

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