CECOVEL (Electric Vehicle Control Centre)




Red Eléctrica de España


CECOVEL (Electric Vehicle Control Centre) is Red Eléctrica’s control centre for the monitoring and control of electricity demand for the recharging of electric vehicles. Since January 2017, CECOVEL allows the safe and efficient integration of electric vehicles, even in scenarios of massive implementation.


  • Development of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition system (SCADA)
  • Intelligent charging management
  • Integration of renewable energy and efficiency improvement
  • Development of new technological tools to operate the control centre


Main information:
The aim of the CECOVEL is the safe and efficient integration of electric vehicle (EV) demand into the electricity system. EVs represent a unique opportunity to improve the efficiency of the electrical system as a whole, thanks to the flexibility of its recharging system. CECOVEL monitors and controls the electrical system of EVs in real time, thereby allowing the integration of specific data in scenarios of massive implementation with the safety criteria that the electricity system requires.