Plataforma Tejo






Plataforma Tejo is an investment mechanism used to facilitate sustainability projects in the Médio Tejo region in Portugal. The programme works as a tool to pair investors with investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector, while creating relationships between citizens and promoting the development of the region with respect to sustainability and renewable energy.


  • The practice covers 25 municipal buildings and swimming pools involving 15 municipalities and 7 investors
  • The total amount of renewable energy produced under this project has been 601.5 megawatt-hours/year and reduced carbon emissions by 175.084 tons/year


Main information:
In order to promote the region as a prime location for renewable energy, Plataforma Tejo was created to match investors with investment opportunities. It is an innovative platform with a participatory approach that includes investors, renewable energy producers and technologies. Communication occurred through meetings, exhibition and newspaper articles promoting the region and its potential for renewable energy projects.