3D Decision Support System (3D DSS) for planning power lines




Swissgrid & ETH Zurich


The 3D DSS considers the interests of different stakeholders and supports decision-makers in finding a consensus solution for determining the optimal route for a new power transmission line. This can increase support of affected citizens and shortens the time needed for the approval procedure, which in turn, accelerates the grid modernisation required for the European energy transition.


  • The 3D DSS reduces the time needed to identify different corridor and path alternatives
  • THE 3D DSS determines the optimal, most accepted route for a new power transmission line among different stakeholders
  • The 3D DSS illustrates the proposed new transmission line in 3D from the perspective of the directly affected individual to increase acceptance by intuitive, realistic perception
  • The 3D DSS computes the estimated construction costs for the planned transmission line


Main information:
The 3D DSS computes the optimal corridor and path for a new transmission line based on the interests of different stakeholders. By doing this, different alternatives can easily be compared to identify the solution that best meets the requirements of a great number of stakeholders. Results are illustrated in 3D, which helps affected citizens to imagine how the future line will look like. In that way, transparency is fostered, which in turn, increases the acceptance and saves time and money.


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