eGreen Community Solar Project




Citizens Energy Corporation


Citizens Energy Corporation, under the leadership of former Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy II, has developed a unique model to reduce electricity bills for low-income households to a cost of 2 cents per kilowatt-hour, using profits from a commercial transmission line. The model includes a partnership with the local utility to integrate more renewables into the grid while cutting down on fossil-fuel emissions and help those that are less fortunate.


  • Allowing 15.000 low income households to save over $500 a year on their electricity bill ($172 million in savings over the 23-year project)
  • Low-rate renewable (solar) energy is made affordable to families in need
  • 30-megawatt solar array built on land leased from the local utility, allocating all of the lower to low income households in the area


Main information:
In Imperial County in California, Citizens Energy Corporation uses the profits from their ownership of the Sunrise PowerLink, a high voltage green energy line, to bring down the cost of energy for low income families. Two unique features of this project include using profits earned from a transmission line to buy renewable energy for the poor, and the local utility’s willingness to virtually net-meter the power, at cost, to their low-income ratepayers.