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An online application designed in order to assure the accessibility and transparency of real-time energy related data for every possible user.


  • Provide highly comprehensive real-time data, that can be understood by every possible user
  • Provide highly qualitative and detailed data
  • Assure a higher transparency of the energy sector through accessible information
  • Communicate in favour of a better comprehension of the energy transition and the integration of renewable energy in France

Main information:

éCO2mix is a public online application that has been designed by RTE as a transparent tool to visualize the characteristics of the electric power system in France in real-time. The idea is to popularise information about the operation of the electric power system and to enable a better understanding of the energy transition and the integration of renewable energy. The application allows the user to track the changes in power consumption and production in France, with the possibility of focusing on a specific region and a particular production mode (hydropower, nuclear, gas, wind, etc.). The application also shows the related emission of CO2. Power exchange data, spot prices, monthly analyses as well as other data (max. consumption, coverage rate of consumption per wind and sun generation) are available as well. This application is free and available on the web or through a mobile app for smartphones or tablets (Android and IOS), which can be downloaded by way of a QR code.

Created in 2010, éCO2mix has been improved and upgraded every year with a wider range of functionalities. The application is evaluated by RTE through several indicators, such as the number of users (2.5 million consultations of the application and website every year) and the amount of data uploaded (14 million files uploaded every year). The availability of the application reaches nearly 100%, and the users are rewarding the application with very good marks (almost 5/5).

The application is not only used by RTE itself but also by media representatives, politicians and other stakeholders as a reliable source of information.

Additional information:

  • The evolution and constant development of the application is based on the needs expressed by RTE employees and other stakeholders in order to improve the service delivered to the public
  • RTE is the French electricity transmission network operator. Its mission includes the operation, maintenance and development of the high and extra high voltage network



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