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Example Organisation Country Year
50Hertz: cooperation agreement with the federal state Brandenburg 50Hertz Germany 2013
50Hertz: cooperation with school on nature trail: engaging youngsters 50Hertz Germany 2013
Advisory group during spatial planning Switzerland 2013
Broad cooperation for public involvement TenneT Germany 2010
Citizen Conferences RTE France 2011
Close and personal dialogue: development of a Mobile Citizen's Office for public participation 50Hertz Germany 2016
Close cooperation with the leading authority TenneT The Netherlands 2008
Close to the citizen, close to home, on an equal footing Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Areas (Germany) & TenneT TSO GmbH Germany 2016
Collaborative identification of compensation measures Terna Italy 2013
Dedication of resources for grid issues from NGOs Germanwatch, RSPB Germany, UK 2013
Developing a project specific communication strategy National Grid UK 2010
DS3 Advisory Council EirGrid Ireland 2015
Dual formats for continuous stakeholder involvement National Grid UK 2010
Early and proactive cooperation with local authorities TenneT The Netherlands 2009
Early consultation of politicians and authorities Elia Belgium 2009
Early information events for the public Elia Belgium 2011
Early involvement of local politicians and authorities in Schleswig-Holstein TenneT Germany 2010
EirGrid Community Fund EirGrid Ireland 2016
Expert workshops on scenarios and sensitivities of grid development planning 50Hertz, TenneT Germany 2013
Gaining knowledge on regional peculiarities 50Hertz Germany 2012
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