Example Organisation Country Year
East Iceland Clean Energy Connections Landsnet Iceland 2015
Hierarchical and distributed automation for medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV) grids IDE4L Denmark, Italy & Spain 2016
High Voltage VSC Statnett Norway 2015
MARES Real Time Automatic Control for PSH in Small Isolated Systems Red Eléctrica de España Spain 2016
Net demand ramping variability California ISO USA 2015
Promotion of biogas systems Namalere Forest Conservation Group Kenya 2016
Pulse Heating ESCSH Denmark 2014
PV energy data service SMA Solar Technology & TenneT Germany 2016
Real-time technology for the effective integration of distributed energy resources Alpiq Switzerland 2016
The Variable Ratio Distribution Transformer (VRDT) Avacon Germany 2015
Using Renewable Resources to Balance the Grid First Solar, California ISO, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) USA 2016
Virtual Power Plant Next Pool Next Kraftwerke Germany 2016
WiseGRID - Wide scale demonstration of integrated solutions and business models for the European smart grid 21 partner project consortium Belgium, Italy, Spain & Greece 2017