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Example Organisation Country Year
"Grid Perspectives"-Committee RTE France 2012
3D Decision Support System (3D DSS) for planning power lines Swissgrid & ETH Zurich Switzerland 2018
3D Virtual Reality used before court TenneT The Netherlands 2013
3D visualisation for information on spatial decisions Statnett, TenneT Norway, The Netherlands 2012
50Hertz internal communication: guidance documents 50Hertz Germany 2013
50Hertz: computer game - how to balance out different interests 50Hertz Germany 2013
50Hertz: cooperation agreement with the federal state Brandenburg 50Hertz Germany 2013
50Hertz: cooperation with school on nature trail: engaging youngsters 50Hertz Germany 2013
50Hertz: information and learning exhibitions in schools: learning about the energy transition 50Hertz Germany 2013
50Hertz: Newspaper supplement 50Hertz Germany 2013
Actively approaching environmental NGOs before EIA TenneT Germany 2012
Advisory group during spatial planning Switzerland 2013
An environmental NGO as moderator: the role of the German Environmental Aid (DUH) Deutsche Umwelthilfe Germany 2008
Animated video - Clean Energy Mini-Grid EDP - Energias de Portugal S.A. Mozambique 2016
Animated videos for grid expansion BNetzA Germany 2015
Application éCO2mix RTE France 2015
Augmented reality app Swissgrid Switzerland 2012
Availability and quality of cartographic data Belgium 2013
BALANCE Statnett Norway 2015
Birds and electricity transmission lines: mapping of flight paths Red Eléctrica de España Spain 2015
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