Public involvement during grid development plan




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In Germany, the newly introduced process of establishing a national grid development plan is determined by participatory elements. Overall, three public consultations are held during the procedure.


Main information:

In a first step, the scenarios that build the basis for calculating the need, are up for consultation carried out by the national regulator. On this basis, the TSOs draw up a plan and consult them again publicly. In a third step, the regulator assesses the plan and puts it up for a third consultation before it forwards it to the national government. On the basis of the plan, a law is drafted which confirms the need of specific future grid projects.

Both TSOs and the regulator accompanied the procedure of the grid development plan 2012 with a variety of information means. From a series of public events, to the creation of websites, to regional information days organised by the regulator: the public was widely informed about their possibilities to get involved. Moreover, after the consultation, TSOs and the regulator published all the statements they had received together with the revised plan.


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