Early and general grid information by 50Hertz






To overcome the lack of knowledge about the need for grids and the permitting procedure, more general information events for the public were organised by 50Hertz without direct relation to a specific expansion project. Local NGOs, or the regional divisions of the Chamber of Commerce, have taken the initiative in some regions.

50Hertz has been actively organising or participating in these events, so that the bigger picture of the energy policy along with the need for grids is explained in more detail. The planning procedures and the options for people to participate were presented in a more general format, in order for people to better understand how to get involved in specific projects as soon as they start in their region.

Aside from these events, 50Hertz developed some easy to understand flyers related to key aspects of grid infrastructure, such as technical options, health aspects, environmental aspects, and arguments for overhead vs. undergrounding.


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