Schafe Unter Strom




50Hertz, Technische Universität Dresden, Mitnetz Strom, Landschaftspflegeverband Westsachsen e.V.


“Schafe unter Strom” is a collaborative nature conservation project by Landschaftspflegeverband Westsachsen e.V., 50 Hertz, Mitnetz Storm, TU Dresden and many more in the West Saxony region. The initiative teams up with local shepherds and opens up new pastures under the high-voltage routes. The initiative brings together nature conservation activists, grid operators, academic institutions, land farmers (e.g. Shepherds) and marketers together to create a continuous network of habitats for rich species near power grids.


-       Offers new habitats for endangered animal and plant species in Western Saxony

-       Promotes the rare profession of shepherds and provides economic opportunities and access to extra spaces for grazing.

-       Conducts excursions and lectures for the people in the district of Zwickau to learn about environmental protection and benefits of sheep farming.

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