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Coopérnico is a renewable energy cooperative in Portugal whose members invest collectively in solar PV projects, primarily on the roofs of social institutions such as charities, senior residences, and kindergartens. The cooperative manages the normal maintenance of the panels and, at the end of the contract, gives them directly to the institutions – supporting their financial sustainability and promoting renewables uptake



  • Coopérnico is a citizen-led, ethical investment platform supporting local development, self-sufficiency and decentralised energy
  • Members have invested almost 1,9 million € in 33 power plants, producing more than 9k MWh of electricity and avoiding 4k CO2Eq emissions


About the practice

Coopérnico provides expert knowledge and a platform for citizens to invest in renewable energy. Any citizen can join the cooperative and directly support a renewable energy project, regardless of having an appropriate site or the capital to invest in a whole privately-owned system. This approach dilutes the financial risks for citizens (who can invest low amounts) as well as the operational and management responsibilities that come with installing such projects.

Coopérnico’s objective is to invest savings in an impactful way, socially, environmentally and economically. Their approach channels citizens’ will to invest in renewable energies, creates mutually beneficial relationships with non-profit organizations and sustainably invests in local communities.

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