Virtual model of the Rhine-crossing in the EnLAG 14






Amprion developed a virtual model of an underground cable project to allow stakeholders impacted by the project to learn about the building and development process. Users of the virtual model are able to zoom in and out to discover explanatory videos and texts about the project.



  • Displays detailed information in an interactive format
  • Discoverable videos explain sensitive topics like flooding and nature protection
  • Project visualisation displays different aspects of the underground cable in different colour
  • Text boxes explain technical aspects of the project to ensure it is understood by stakeholders


About the practice

To provide transparency to stakeholders impacted by an underground transmission line project crossing the Rhine River, Amprion developed an interactive virtual model of the project with videos and texts explaining the build process to users. The virtual model shows the current planning status of the underground cable project and can be accessed by stakeholders at any time according to their individual interest and needs.

Amprion (one of the four TSOs in Germany, operating in the Northwest, West, and South of the country) partnered with communication agency Raike Schwertner, design firm Olli Design, and engineering company Eberhardt, to create the virtual model. The virtual model displays complex information in a digestible format so that stakeholders can navigate the project and understand sensitive issues like flooding and nature conservation.

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