Power Academy




Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE)


Power Academy is a Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne’s (PSE) designed educational programme dedicated to primary schools. The main goal of the programme is to familiarise young students with knowledge about electricity, energy production and transmission through simple games and spectacular experiments.



  • Innovative approach – education through interaction (63 schools, 3500 students)
  • Designed by PSE in close cooperation with local communities and implemented by a project operator – a company with a large amount of experience in innovative educational projects
  • Reached growing public awareness of the activities of PSE and its impact on the development of the country and regions


About the practice

The lessons with the school children were conducted by actors playing the roles of two characters: the historical character, Nikola Tesla, and a fictional character, PowerMan. Nikola Tesla involved students in a scientific discussion to help them understand the phenomenon of electricity. PowerMan, on the other hand, conducted various engaging audience experiments in a humorous way.

Even though it initially ran as a pilot project, the practice has been planned as a long-term, cyclic programme from the very beginning. The positive outcomes confirmed PSE’s wish to make it a permanent part of the company’s DNA as a manifestation of transparent social dialogue and social responsibility to the market, residents, and the environment.

PSE is the Polish TSO that aims to provide electricity transmission services in compliance with the required criteria of the security of the Polish Power System operation.


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