Pathfinder is a Geographic Information System (GIS) collaborative decision-making platform which automates and optimises the design, planning and routing of linear infrastructure, including sustainable grid development. It aims to increase transparency, communication and stakeholder engagement by quickly computing alternative routes for new powerlines and displaying them with 2D and 3D visualisations



  • Pathfinder helps energy and engineering companies quickly find the best route for powerlines and other linear infrastructure, saving time and money
  • Line planning is more efficient and more transparent which may lead to better acceptance of the projects
  • Potential to cut planning time by 50% while reducing costs and environmental impact


About the practice

Pathfinder is an interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) technology platform with specialised algorithms. The identification of corridors and optimal route for a new grid connection line must consider multiple technical, environmental, social and economic constraints at different levels of detail depending also on local regulations.

Once the routes are identified, one of the major issues is an effective communication approach with stakeholders – Pathfinder addresses this challenge by providing clear and interactive visualisations of potential routes.

Gilytics is working with stakeholders to use this technology for other use cases including heating network design, substation and renewable plants siting, and grid connections to offshore wind farms.

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