Rede Electrica Nacional (REN)


SPEED-E provides high power for electric vehicle charging stations directly supplied from the transmission grid. This can help to accelerate the build out of nationwide charging infrastructure in a sustainable way, since it provides a new use for the existing transmission grids.



  • World’s first EV power supply solution through the very-high voltage (VHV) network for high power charging, superior continuity of service and nationwide coverage
  • Flexible scalability through modular architecture, following growing demand requirements
  • Overcomes the potential constraints of charging infrastructure from the distribution grid


About the practice

Conventional EV charging solutions require a multiple step-down transformation of voltage levels: from VHV to HV, from HV to MV, and finally from MV to LV. Portuguese TSO, REN’s solution allows a direct transformation from VHV to LV, thus bypassing potential distribution grid constraints, such as higher susceptibility to climate change and need for grid reinforcements.

Furthermore, modular design facilitates scalability, allowing an efficient alignment of the infrastructure development with the growth of the fleet electrification, thus minimising investment risk and creating opportunities for a wider range of end users, including public transport fleets, large parking lots, and heavy-duty vehicles.

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