Digital Citizen Information Market






Amprion developed a 3D virtual space to present information about grid development projects to stakeholders and the public. Project stakeholders were invited to attend events in the virtual space, where they could read and watch information about grid projects and engage with grid development experts.



  • Stakeholders invited to attend livestream events in virtual space
  • Side rooms available for in-depth, small group discussions
  • Ability to contact grid experts via video calls within the virtual space
  • Explorable information points guide stakeholders through gird development process


About the practice

To meet the constraints caused by the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the regulatory requirements to provide early, transparent, comprehensive, and barrier-free information to stakeholders, Amprion developed the “Digital Citizen Information Market”. This interactive, three-dimensional virtual space was used to host events with members of the public, project stakeholders, and grid development experts from Amprion.

Amprion partnered with 3D space developer VRtualX, and design and public affairs firm Raike Schwertner, to create the Digital Citizen Information Market. Events held in the 3D space were well received by participants, who had the opportunity to provide feedback on the design and funcationality of the space.


RGI gratefully acknowledges the EU LIFE funding support:

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