Shaping Our Electricity Future




EirGrid, SONI


EirGrid and SONI used a range of innovative, participatory approaches in their consultation ‘Shaping Our Electricity Future’. They asked for views from the public, industry and civil society on their four approaches (generation-led, developer-led, technology-led and demand-led) to achieve Ireland’s renewable ambitions.



  • Build trust, new relationships, and raise awareness of the need for grid development
  • 100 events held including citizen & industry forums, regional work- shops and work with the National Youth Assembly
  • Engage 100 citizens over 3 days in a representative ‘Citizens Assembly’ style Deliberative Dialogue event


About the practice

EirGrid regards integrated, transparent processes, and independent reporting as a prerequisite for bringing the public on board, which is key for a strong grid. Their comprehensive consultation introduced deliberative and co-design mechanisms into the decision-making process of the development of a plan to prepare the Irish all-island electricity grid to reach 2030 targets.

More than 100 events were held engaging with civil society organisations, communities, local businesses, industry, consumers, agricultural groups and young people, and 572 submissions were received as part of the consultation.

Evaluation showed very positive feedback from participants and the media. Learnings have been incorporated into day-to-day grid development project consultation, engagement, and communication as well as strategic development of the company - evidenced by the 10-year engagement roadmap.

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